Don´t miss the Demo Day of Waste4Think! (19th February, Zamudio)

On February 19 a “Demo Day” will be held in Zamudio to present the social actions and learning materials that have been developed within the framework of the European project Waste4Think. Regarding social actions, the new regulation of “zero waste” ecoevents and community composting will be presented, the campaigns of prevention of plastics and donation[…]

Presenting the European Project Waste4Think (HORIZON2020) in China

The Local Waste Management Plan of the Municipality of Halandri is based on the decentralized waste management concept with emphasis on recycling at the source.  Within the framework of the European Project Waste4Think (HORIZON2020) the municipality of Halandri with the help of the National Technical University of Athens has focussed on food waste, which despite[…]

Waste4think will be presented at the HerriSmartik 2019 meeting

Igotz López, mayor of Zamudio, will present on January 24 in San Sebastian (Spain), the case of the Zamudio pilot in the framework of the European project H2020 Waste4Think. The meeting is organized by EUDEL, which is the Association of Basque Municipalities and the Basque Government itself, who are collaborating jointly with local councils on[…]

Waste4Think participates in a Citizen Science study of the European Comission

Waste4Think has participated in a survey to know the role of Citizen Science in environmental policies. Waste4Think has participated in a study for the development of an EU-wide inventory of Citizen Science Activities for Environment Policies. The aim of this project is to provide a representative overview of EU Citizen Science of particular relevance for[…]

Serious Games Interactive runs up a Waste4Think game portal

Serious Games Interactive is running up the Waste4Think game portal which displays the games produced by Serious Games Interactive for the European Waste4Think project. As part of the project, Serious Games is developing four different games targeted at different citizen groups, with the overall aim of educating and affecting behavioral change towards increased sustainability within the field of waste[…]

Virtuous Households awards

In the framework of the EWWR 2018 (European Week for Waste Reduction), on Saturday 24th morning at Bosco delle Querce park, Seveso municipality organized the award ceremony of the virtuous households. During the contest, from May to July 2018, the households’ habits on domestic waste management have been monitored. They were in charge to weight[…]

Waste4Think at the II ECOFORUM edition

As a Waste4Think partner, Legambiente Lombardia  invites you to the II Edition of ECOFORUM: `The Circular Economy of waste´. The event will take place at Palazzo Reale of Milan on Wednesday, 28 of November 2018. During the event, there will be a networking activity between EMBRACED in which Legambiente Nazionale is a partner and Waste4Think projects,[…]

Waste4Think takes part in The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)

In the framework of the “European Week to reduce waste”, our Project pilots Seveso and Zamudio will analyze the reults of actions developed in the Project. The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) was launched as a 3-year project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission until July 2012 and it continues taking place in[…]


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