Seveso Pilot

Checks against those who practice home composting

The Municipality of Seveso started the controls of those citizens and families that practice home composting. The Environmental Office planned a series of surveys to verify “whether and how” the domestic composting is practiced by citizens.The main objective of the surveys is to provide valuable advice to improve the quality of the compost produced. It[…]

Halandri Pilot

Halandri W4T launching event

Waste4Think pilot project of Halandri begins its implementation phase A launching event for the initiation of the local pilot project took place on the 12th December 2016 at Halandri. On Monday December 12th 2016, took place the launching event of the Halandri pilot project in the context of the Waste4Think project. On the premises of[…]

Waste4Think project launch

“Waste4Think” is a project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Research and Innovation Actions (Grant agreement Nº 688995) which has the full title ‘Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management Systems — Waste4Think’. The project, which involves 5 public administrations, 2 research centers, 2 universities, 9 companies, 1 cluster and an[…]

Cascais Meeting

Second meeting of the European project Waste4Think in Cascais

The second meeting of the Waste4Think project was held in Cascais, Portugal, November 30 and December 1, 2016, where the participants of the Consortium shared experiences. The first day began with the presentation of the last two incorporated companies  (Enginnering and Virtualware), followed by the presentation of the different working groups leaders  (Leaders WP1-5) about[…]


Waste4Think visits the Commonwealth of Sasieta

Members of DeustoTech Energy accompany the mayor of Zamudio  and a representation of the Commonwealth of the Txorrieri  in his visit to the facilities of the Commonwealth of Sasieta. During the visit, the technicians of the Commonwealth of Sasieta presented us both the technological and social deployment that has been making in the last years[…]

Launch of the Waste4Think project website

The Waste4Think project website is now available. You can find a complete description of the project on it, its objectives, Solutions to be implemented, pilots, partners and a section for collaborators and finally, a repository of documents that will be generated throughout the project. In addition, a video that graphically describes the project, its main[…]

Waste4Think seeks the opinion of all Zamudio

Waste4Think seeks the opinion of all Zamudio

The City of Zamudio invites citizens to participate on November 26, at 11.15 in Zamudiotorre, in the participatory process that will help to identify the degree of innovation and sustainability to design the strategy to continue progressing. Zamudio aim to become a smart municipality, through the implementation of different technological initiatives, where the improvement of[…]


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