Students of Halandri learn about treatment of disposable nappies and expired food products in the framework of Waste4Think

On 20th April 2018 Green Technologies Ltd and University of Patras welcomed more than 25 students and two High School Professors at the premises of University of Patras, where the Waste Treatment Unit is being tested for the treatment of Disposable Nappies and Expired Food Products at pilot scale operation. The students from the 3rd[…]

WASTE4THINK: Halandri Pioneer in Alternative Waste Management – Information Workshop

The Waste4Think, a leading European project that brings Halandri to the forefront of innovative technologies around the world for alternative waste management, is presented by the Municipality of Halandri at a workshop organized on 14 February in collaboration with the Association for the Sustainable Development of Cities at a working meeting with the European partners[…]

Athens: 5th International conference on sustainable solid waste management

  Within the Framework of the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management that was held in Athens, Greece from 21st to 24th June 2017, an oral presentation was given by University of Patras PhD candidate Ms. Konstantina Tsigkou about “Pretreatment of disposable nappies towards valorization of the fermentable fraction through anaerobic digestion”. One[…]

New promotional material for the dissemination of W4T project in Halandri

New promotional material has been produced by the Municipality of Halandri in order to promote the objectives of the Waste4Think project in the local context. New promotional material has been produced by the Municipality of Halandri in order to promote the objectives of the Waste4Think project in the local context. About 10.000 brochures were distributed[…]

University of Patras

Experimental runs in progress on the pilot of Halandri

In the framework of the European Project Waste4Think experimental runs are in progress in the Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (Greece) for the exploitation of used disposable nappies from nurseries, incontinence diapers from elderly houses and expired food products from Super Markets. In collaboration with Green[…]

Halandri a pioneer in waste management

Article published in a local free press newspaper (En Dimo). The article features a general description of the project, its objectives and of the partners of the consortium. It focuses on the first phase of the implementation of the local pilot project (in Halandri) that is estimated to address approximately 240 households. It describes how[…]

Focus WebTV interview

Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos in a web radio interview about W4T Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos has given a web radio interview about the implementation of Waste4Think project with special mention to the local pilot project of Halandri. Invited by Athena Perrakis, journalist, on a web radio show “focuswebtv”, he presented in detail the issue of the implementation[…]


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