Tradition, at the forefront of the second edition of ‘Arimen Gaua’

Young people and adults took part in the costume contest and made their own costumes using waste materials, as recommended by organisers. Tradition and commitment to environment sustainability were once again united in the celebration of Arimen Gaua, on October 31st. Children and adults who took part in the costume contest, as had been recommended[…]

Tuppers against inequalities and waste

Starting on March 1st, Aunar Elkartea NGO’s ‘Táper solidario’ will reach Zamudio, where it will rescue surplus food coming from collective and professional catering services and will distribute it amongst a dozen local families. 88 million tonnes of food are binned every year in the European Union, which amounts to 173 kilograms of food waste[…]

More bins for collecting used nappies and new rubbish bins for waste sorting

Zamudio has installed definitive bins aimed at collecting used nappies, as well as rubbish bins for different kinds of waste. Zamudio has installed definitive bins, in certain locations, aimed at collecting used nappies (inside tightly closed bags) so that they can be duly treated and converted into energy. These bins replace the provisional ones that[…]


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