More bins for collecting used nappies and new rubbish bins for waste sorting

Zamudio has installed definitive bins aimed at collecting used nappies, as well as rubbish bins for different kinds of waste. Zamudio has installed definitive bins, in certain locations, aimed at collecting used nappies (inside tightly closed bags) so that they can be duly treated and converted into energy. These bins replace the provisional ones that[…]

Resources in the form of paper and cardboard

Zamudio collected last year 146 tonnes of this kind of waste. If well classified, it brings environmental benefits and, due to its market value, it means important savings as well in the cost of waste collection and transport. It was one of the first types of waste to be selectively collected and it is also[…]

A XXI century waste management

After largely meeting today’s requirements, Biscay looks at European objectives for 2030 and sets the goals of increasing recycling rates of glass, paper and cardboard, and improving selective collection of electric and electronic devices. A review of the II Comprehensive Integrated Urban Waste Management Plan of Biscay (2005-2016), carried out by the Regional Government, has[…]

Take a seat!

On the 19th of September Igotz López, Major of Zamudio Municipality, in collaboration with the Basque Environmental Cluster, Aclima, will present waste4Think Project in the Basque Ecodesign Meeting (BEM) 2017. Being one of Europe’s most important ecodesign meetings, it is focused on analysing the implication for the industrial sector of the change of economic model[…]

The first ‘eko-festa’ in Txorierri

The Council of Zamudio, with the collaboration of the Mancomunidad de Txorierri, turns into a party in favour of recycling the people’s meal of the local association ‘Lagatzu Alkartea’. On the initiative of the local council, and as a new step towards the municipality’s ‘Zero Waste’ aim, all the elements that were used this year[…]


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