The European Project Waste4Think Celebrated its First Review Meeting in Halandri (Greece)

The Halandri pilot hosted a new meeting among the project partners. The event, celebrated during 13th, 14th , 15 th and 16 th of February, comprised the regular six-month meeting of the project partners together with the Review Meeting.

The workshop took place in collaboration with the Association for Sustainable Urban Development (LSWC) and during the week the consortium presented the conclusions of the first phase of implementation to the European Comission representatives as well as the innovative technologies used. To do this, on the 14th a Demo Day was held in the Olympic Committee Building of Athens, where around 200 attendees learned about the progress of the project in the four pilot territories and visited the treatment plant that the municipality of Halandri has allocated in which the organic waste collected to families that participate voluntarily in the Project is shredded and dehydrated to produced a biomass product FORBI (Food Residue Biomass).

The FORBI can then either be used directly as fuel in cement or after processing as a solid fuel for heating (pellets). Additionally, since its composition is excellent, it can also be used either for the production of fuel or other products, such as gaseous biofuel (biogas) or hydrogen or it can even mix these two and give us Hythane, which still has better combustion quality than simple methane. Finally as fertilizer (compost), as food or for the production of activated carbon for the purification of wastewater. Some of these analyzes have been carried out at the National Technical University of Athens, which was also visited.

The conclusion of the meeting has been very positive and now it time of the consortium members to keep working hard for the next few months until the next project meeting to be held in Cascais (Portugal) in June 2018.

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