Lorries with tecnologies to optimize waste gathering routes

As a member of the Service Community of Municipalities of Txorierri, Zamudio (Biscay) will use two smart lorries to gather data regarding the amounts of urban waste in bins, which will allow to adjust collection routes and frequencies to the real needs of citizens.

As a member of the Service Community of Municipalities of Txorierri, Zamudio (Biscay) has started to use two smart lorries to do the waste collection and to work on its optimization. These two vehicles are equipped both with a weighing system and with a route tracking one, and will thus gather data to work on establishing optimal collection routes. They will be alternately used by all the municipalities of Txorierri, which will permit to know precisely the total amount of waste that is generated in each municipality.

This novelty is part of the set of initiatives that both the local government of Zamudio and the Community of Txorierri have adopted as part of their involvement in the Waste4Think European project. The objetives of this work include the reduction of the volumen of waste that is generated, the increase of recycling rates and a better management through new technologies.

Thus, the information gathered by the lorries will be subjected to a new processing and analysis system. Statistical models will afterwards allow to predict the filling of waste bins, to optimize waste collection routes and to adjust them to the real needs of citizens. This way, not only will the cost of waste collection match real waste generation rates, but the enviromental impact of the lorries themselves will also be reduced.

Besides, each lorry keeps track of its own route and is in constant communication with the data managment platform that has specifically been designed for this matter. Information regarding its positioning and which bins have already been collected is thusly gathered, which allows to detect possible arising events and to bear them in mind for the optimization of the service.