National TV (ERT) Interview

Waste4Think – An EU household waste management project in Halandri

Interview with the Mayor of Halandri Simos Roussos and Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos, Deputy Municipal Council and Pilot Leader for Waste4Think.

Featured article on the official National Television (ERT) website about the Waste4Think project, illustrates the importance of the project in municipal solid waste management. The article accompanies the interview with the Mayor of Halandri Simos Roussos and Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos. In the interview video, Prof. Lyberatos explains how the project is going to implemented in Halandri in the wider context of the shift in local waste management towards zero waste and how the National Technical University of Athens will conduct research for the valorization of the collected material and its alternative uses. He also demonstrates on camera how the citizens are going to use the system (in-house bins, neighborhood bins with key access, biodegradable waste bags).

Mayor Simos Roussos, discusses all efforts the Municipality is undergoing for a more sustainable local waste management and he presents all 4 initiatives that are being implement in this direction (Waste4Think, home composting, separate paper collection, recyclables stream collection in schools).

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