Presenting Waste4Think for a great audience!

Waste4Think team member Michele Giavini (ARS ambiente Srl), will participate as a speaker at the EU Policy workshop ‘The road to an Urban Bioeconomy: barriers and solutions to closing the loop of bio-resources’. The seminar is organized by the European Compost Network and by the City of Oslo and will be held in Brussels on 28th May.

To all of you interested in the issue of the separate collection of biowaste in cities, this is the perfect meeting point to foster the discussion between the European Commission, urban settlements and stakeholders with regard to the important role of biowaste in the circular economy. The workshop will focus on how to capture the value embedded in these flows in the form of energy, nutrients and materials. How can we fully exploit the potential of the significant volume of organic waste flowing through the urban environment? What are the barriers and what can be the solutions?

Michele will focus on very large cities but he will also present the Waste4Think Project cases in this issue. Information about the event:

DATE:            MONDAY 28 MAY 2018

TIME:             10:30- 16:00 H


Speakers from

  • The Commission by DG Research & Innovation and DG Environment
  • European Compost Network and Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy
  • Case studies from cities, municipalities and industry/project

The event is free but you need to register at this link:


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