Waste management: Pay as you throw (PAYT)

Within the framework of the European project Waste4Think, an informative session on pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) will be developed. This waste management system contributes to the adoption of new and more sustainable governance models that foster behavioural changes of the citizens to move forward to a more responsible consumption. For this purpose, new technologies and methodologies are[…]


Towards a more sustainable management of urban waste

The data collected from surveys recently conducted in Zamudio regarding the habits of citizens in consumption and waste management as well as their receptivity to adopt new and more sustainable routines, show a high level of awareness of the importance of reducing waste volumes amongst citizens, both between industries located in the area and between[…]


Waste4Think visits the Commonwealth of Sasieta

Members of DeustoTech Energy accompany the mayor of Zamudio  and a representation of the Commonwealth of the Txorrieri  in his visit to the facilities of the Commonwealth of Sasieta. During the visit, the technicians of the Commonwealth of Sasieta presented us both the technological and social deployment that has been making in the last years[…]

Waste4Think seeks the opinion of all Zamudio

Waste4Think seeks the opinion of all Zamudio

The City of Zamudio invites citizens to participate on November 26, at 11.15 in Zamudiotorre, in the participatory process that will help to identify the degree of innovation and sustainability to design the strategy to continue progressing. Zamudio aim to become a smart municipality, through the implementation of different technological initiatives, where the improvement of[…]


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