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On the 19th of September Igotz López, Major of Zamudio Municipality, in collaboration with the Basque Environmental Cluster, Aclima, will present waste4Think Project in the Basque Ecodesign Meeting (BEM) 2017. Being one of Europe’s most important ecodesign meetings, it is focused on analysing the implication for the industrial sector of the change of economic model as the result of the transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe, and on how to be in a position to change those challenges into business opportunities and to enhance business competitiveness.

Divided into 2 conference days, the Waste4Think Project will be presented in one of the 12 THEMATIC parallel sessions being held: `Sustainable cities: New products and services for tomorrow’s city´.

The session is divided into three blocks and Igotz will be the fourth speaker of the last block about Connected and sustainable cities. In ten minutes Igotz will present the objectives of the project and the specific case of the Zamudio pilot which seeks to move towards the European cutting edge of urban waste managment.

More information and registration: bem2017

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