Waste4Think invited to the `Innobasque Tuesdays´

On Tuesday, December 19, Ainhoa Alonso, Waste4Think coordinator and Igotz López, mayor of Zamudio, have been invited to the` Innobasque Tuesdays´ as representatives of the Waste4Think Project.

Innobasque is a Basque public-private Alliance which offers a powerful platform and network for collaboration between civil society, companies, stakeholders in science and technology and public autorities with the aim of giving a better future to the Basque Country.

The initiative `Innobasque Tuesdays´is a monthly, open forum event that gives attendees the opportunity to find out the latest news about issues which are strategic for the Basque Country.

Next week, to which Waste4Think has been invited, it will focus in the `Innovation Guide in the Basque Country´, made by Estrategia Empresarial, the Basque magazine on business information. The publication traces, a complete overview of the evolution of Euskadi in recent years, showing the construction of a development model based on innovation through the main achievements of the Basque Innovation System, its capabilities and its achievements. For this reason, Waste4Think has been invited, which seeks to improve the urban waste management in order to turn Zamudio into a more sustainable municipality.

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