Zamudio lives the `Arimen Gaua with´ eco-candles and recycled costumes

They encourage citizens to dress with recycled material and to make candles

Like last year, the population of Zamudio will take to the streets to celebrate their particular Arimen Gaua. It is a party that since last year is celebrated on the eve of All Saints’ Day and whose roots are buried in the depths of Basque culture. In addition to updating the old celebration, Zamudio Council has endowed the event with a vitally important issue such as social awareness about ecology and the environment. As in the previous edition, the local Consistory encourages the attendees to create the costumes that will wear along the `kalejira´ with recycled clothes instead of wearing a look bought in a store.

Every day of terror and darkness must be accompanied by an important number of candles, since these instruments recall the previous eras in which the party was created, in addition to adding a dim light consistent with the reason for celebration. Therefore, the City has previously distributed to the population a kit of utensils to make candles from vegetable oil used by the households of Zamudio. In this way, the tradition joins the commitment to the environment and the prevention and reuse of waste that Zamudio is promoting through participation in the European project Waste4Think.

Once the `kalejira´, which will surround the municipality, they will proceed to organize the costume competition, in which the most ecological costume will be awarded.


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