Acknowledgment of the Municipality of Halandri, under the Greek Green Awards 2018

Within the framework of Waste4Think Project, Municipality of Halandri in collaboration with National Technical University of Athens and ENBIO Ltd were nominated for the first prize awarded to the Municipality of Halandri in the “Urban Waste Management” category at the 2nd “Verde.tec” international exhibition.


The event, which took place between 2 and 4 March 2018 at the Paiania MEC exhibition centre under the auspices of the Ministry for the Environment & Energy, KEDKE and the Technical Chamber of Greece, hosted a special day to hand out the awards for best practices used by LGOs to implement Environmental Technologies and to adapt to circular economy.

During the inaugural section of that day, Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos presented theEuropean Waste 4 think home compost program, which  afterwards was awarded in the presentation of good practices carried out by Local Authorities, “Greek Green Awards 2018”.

The award is an important recognition of the alternative waste management effort. The Municipality of Halandri particularly thanks all those involved in this initiative for 15 months now, paving the way to another solid waste management.