Capacity building on waste management policies in Brussels

ARS (M. Giavini) and DEUSTO, as members of W4T consortium, will participate to the:


19 February 2019, Brussels

WINPOL is an INTERREG-EU funded project with the aim to improve policies for waste and awareness campaigns. In the seminar, led by ACR+, some EU funded projects, amongst which Waste4Think, are invited to share their experiences about instruments and tools to improve waste management.

ARS and DEUSTO will report on objectives, actions and results of W4T project, with an in-depth focus about economic and technological tools, and social actions to increase awareness tested in pilot cities.

This is an internal workshop, aimed to increase capacity building. For the wider public, there will be more occasions to get familiar with the WINPOL project in the partners’ countries.

More information about all the events organized by WINPO are available on the website ( and Twitter ( )!