Energy, fuel and compost from biowaste

Waste4Think: a pioneer undertaking

Article published in Ecotec magazine.

“Two different scenarios have been explored regarding the amortization of investment on biowaste collection. In the first one, involves the collection and transportation for landfilling of 14.538 tons/year of household waste producing an annual cost of 1.864.954,00 €. In the second scenario, the same amount of waste is collected, dried and then disposed of. In this case the cost drops to 1.193.557,00€ per year. The amortization period for the second scenario is 7.24 years if a fuel-powered collection truck is used in contrast to only 3.26 years when gas-powered truck is used.”

The article, also, features a general description of the Waste4Think project, its objectives and provides information on the location of the brown bins network.

Data is also provided by the National Technical University of Athens concerning the production of hydrogen, compost, methane, electricity and bioethanol for the biowaste collected from the project.