Face of the Year 2017 – Patras’ Newspaper “Peloponnisos”

GREEN TECHNOLOGIES LTD and the DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS, Greece, were proposed from the Patras’ Νewspaper “Peloponnisos”, as Face of the Year 2017, as Team/Collaboration in the field of Management/Innovation.  Green Technologies Ltd (Greece), in collaboration with the Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (Greece) in the framework of the European Project H2020 – Waste4Think, have developed an anaerobic digestion pilot plant to treat disposable nappies from nurseries, incontinence diapers from elderly house and expired food products from Super Markets, aiming to convert these waste streams into biogas (hydrogen, methane). This pilot plant will be soon established at a nursery and the produced biogas is aimed to cover partially the energy needs of the nursery. This is the first time for that innovative technology to be demonstrated at global scale and is targeted to serve institutions, hospitals and municipalities.

In the electronic voting period between 19 Dec. 2017 till 7 Jan. 2018 the Team won the 2nd place between 9 fellow candidates in the particular competing field.