First data on the collection of organic waste in Cascais

In the framework of Waste4Think Project,  Cascais Ambiente started last July the collection of food waste in three neighborhoods- Quinta de S. Gonçalo, Lombos Sul and Bairro da Torre, in Carcavelos.

In this line, the use data for July has already been collected.

This innovative Project aims to increase the recycling rate of the neighborhoods by involving the citizens in the movement “separate to win”. For doing so, the residents of Quinta de São Gonçalo, Lombos Sul and Bairro da Torre in Carcavelos are being personally contacted by the municipal company to be part of the project, contributing to the increase of recycling in the county.

Participants in this pilot project receive a free electronic key for use in undifferentiated and selective containers, as well as a batch of bags for separating organic waste (food waste).

Sensitization in the neighborhoods where the project takes place will continue in the coming weeks, as a way to attract participants, but also inform and monitor the whole process. Individual prizes are earned through the City Points Cascais application, which converts points earned in recycling into products or services.

The collective awards will be calculated at the end of the project in 2019, resulting from the overall performance of the participants in the neighborhood, so the gains will be invested in public equipment or neighborhood improvement.

More info in both the municipality website and facebook page.