First distribution of packaged compost produced from the municipal biowaste in Halandri

One of the main objectives of the European Project Waste4Think (HORIZON 2020) was the implementation of a circular economy model based on biowaste in Halandri. Within this framework and as an act of reciprocity of the municipality towards the volunteers of the program, on Sunday 19/05/2019 the first free distribution of packaged compost was held. The distribution took place during a solidarity initiative of the Municipality of Halandri, where 400 packages of the product were given away to the volunteers of the project and other citizens.

The compost was created from a mixture of FORBI (dried organic food residues) and municipal pruning in a ratio of 1:1. It was tested in a certified laboratory and the results were excellent, categorizing it as a high quality fertilizer. So far, 670 packages of compost have been created, which weigh approximately 2.5 kilos each.