The first Eco-event in Seveso!

Washable dishes and citizens sensitizazion for Seveso events.

On the 31st of August, the first eco-event has been organized in Seveso during the four-day long Valtellinese Festival.

With the precious collaboration of Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, the managing association, the event was a great success. About 600 people was served with washable dishes and cutlery and was informed about environmental benefits of an eco-event and sensitized on separate collection and waste production.

To test the satisfaction of the participants a “smile” totem was in place in order to collect their first feeling about the event. The feedback was extremely positive for the 80% of them.

This was only the first trial event for Seveso Municipality that during the summer season hosts many events. The aim for the next year is to spread the good practice experimented to a more number of events, sensitizing a great number of people of Seveso and surrounding municipalities.