First joint H2020 waste projects meeting

European Week of Regions and Cities

On the 11th of October a delegation of Waste4Think partners participated to the Circular Economy Policy workshop where 5 representatives of each project funded by Horizon 2020 focusing on waste and circular economy gathered to discuss together. There were 4 project funded by call WASTE-6a-2015 – Eco-innovative solutions: (Waste4Think, FORCE, UrbanRec, DECISIVE), two by call WASTE-6b-2015 – Eco-innovative strategies (REPAiR, URBAN WASTE)  and one by H2020-CIRC-2016-One Stage (SCREEN)

The easy set up of the meeting, using short presentation and then direct interactions with the “World Cafè style” small tables, was effective.The meeting was extremely useful to identify synergies and to establish the basis to cooperate together, especially with respect to the interaction with policy makers both at EU and regional level.

Each project partner agreed on the idea of going on with this kind of interactions taking advantage of the allocation of resources and budget that every project has for dissemination. For Waste4Think, Michele Giavini of ARS presented the project and other 4 partners participated (Raffaella Mariani SEVESO,  Konstantina Papadopoulou NTUA, Simona Colombo LEGAMBIENTE, Camino Correia ZABALA).