Introducing Waste4Think to its new participants and rewarding the old ones in Halandri

Raising awareness and keeping the citizens of the Municipality of Halandri informed are fundamental parts of the implementation and development of the European Waste4Think Program. For this reason, two informative events took place in the beginning of March.

The first event aimed at informing the residents of the area of ​​Agia Varvara and part of Kato Halandri, where the placement of new brown bins within the framework of Waste4Think took place. Speakers of the event were the Mayor of Halandri Simos Roussos and the Chief Program Officer and Municipal Councilor responsible for Recycling issues Prof. Gerasimos Lyberatos. Initially, Dr. Lyberatos extensively presented the European Waste4Think Program, explaining the process of collecting and utilizing food waste through innovative approaches. Mr. Roussos then emphasized the importance of Waste4Think as part of an integrated local Solid Urban Waste Management Plan aiming at promoting the cyclical economy. The event was completed with a constructive discussion through which the attendees were able to answer any of their questions about the topics that were developed and information material as well as keys to the brown bins were distributed.

The purpose of the second event was to inform Waste4Think participants about recent developments both at research and social levels. The main speaker of the event, was Prof. Lyberatos along with the Vice Mayor for the Environment of Halandri, Mr. Dimitris Christoulakis. Τhe presentation was followed by a beneficial discussion, and the volunteers of the Program left by taking bags and carts, which were given to the Municipality by the Hellenic Recycling Association, in recognition of their very important contribution to the recycling efforts of the Municipality.