Eco-solutions for eco-parents: reusable nappies campaign opening in Seveso

Thanks to Waste4Think project, in Seveso two news dedicated to local newborns and their families. The Municipality, with Agenzia InnovA21 support, offers the possibility to rent a reusable nappies kit, for free and for 1 month, to Seveso’s parents with 0-18 months old children. Through this initiative, the Municipality aims to reduce the waste production, in addition to all Leggi di piùEco-solutions for eco-parents: reusable nappies campaign opening in Seveso[…]

Last issue of Waste4Think Newsletter out!

The latest issue of Waste4Think newsletter is out. This issue provides information about the latest news of the Project: the publication of different deliverables, celebration of a Demo Day in Halandri (Greece), software releases, participation in different events or communication and dissemination activities. Don´t miss at the link below! Remember that you can also subscribe Leggi di piùLast issue of Waste4Think Newsletter out![…]

3 more Waste4Think videos released

In the framework of the demo day that was held on February 14th in Halandri (Greece), the pilots of the Waste4Think project have produced videos, available on the YouTube channel of the Project. Zamudio: “Arimen Gaua: candle in hand, recycling on mind” The video presents the “Arimen Gaua” held in Zamudio last 31st of October. Leggi di più3 more Waste4Think videos released[…]

Waste4think italian partners in the European Week of Regions and Cities

On 11th of october  italian representatives went to Bruxelles for a workshop organized by the European Union in order to share best practices with all the projects financed by “Horizon 2020”. The workshop was about the presentation of seven European Projects concerning waste prevention and circular economy and the discussion of future cooperation.  Raffaella Mariani Leggi di piùWaste4think italian partners in the European Week of Regions and Cities[…]

Successful results in communication!

After the summer holidays the partners of the Waste4think project have returned to work eagerly and this has been reflected in the results of communication.     Waste4think has a growing community both in the website and Social Networks but especially this month it has achieved very successful results on the twitter account. On September Leggi di piùSuccessful results in communication![…]

Prima Ecofesta a Seveso!

Piatti lavabili e sensibilizzazione cittadini per gli eventi Seveso. Il 31 agosto la tradizionale festa estiva sevesina “Valtellinese” si è organizzata per una delle sue serata in modo sostenibile. Con la preziosa collaborazione dell’Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, che ha gestito l’evento, la serata ha avuto notevole successo. Circa 600 persone hanno mangiato i tradizionali pizzoccheri con Leggi di piùPrima Ecofesta a Seveso![…]

Citizen Science: available main results from Zamudio Mapping Session

  Last 19th May, DeustoTech and Zamudio carried out the first Citizen Science activity in Zamudio to map, among others, waste collection facilities, households and local economic activities. During this activity, participants were divided in 9 different groups and, to collect the information and the corresponding coordenates, maps, gps and forms were used. More than 9 km per Leggi di piùCitizen Science: available main results from Zamudio Mapping Session[…]

First working meeting for the presentation of the educational materials of the Waste4Think project

Yesterday, June 29, 2017, the first draft of the educational materials designed for the Waste4Think project were presented at Vizcaya School. School centres could learn the structure of digital projects, the methodology proposed for the work in the classroom and an approximation to the contents. However, the most remarkable fact of the day was the Leggi di piùFirst working meeting for the presentation of the educational materials of the Waste4Think project[…]

Waste4Think 3rd Project Meeting- June 2017- Seveso, Italy

The consortium of the Waste4Think project will go to Seveso between June 8th and 9th to celebrate the 3rd Project meeting. The Seveso Pilot just introduced PAYT and is currently focusing on citizens sensitization and on the organization of summer eco-events with washable dishwares in order to reduce waste and improve the separate collection.  One Leggi di piùWaste4Think 3rd Project Meeting- June 2017- Seveso, Italy[…]