Successful results in communication!

After the summer holidays the partners of the Waste4think project have returned to work eagerly and this has been reflected in the results of communication.



Waste4think has a growing community both in the website and Social Networks but especially this month it has achieved very successful results on the twitter account.

On September the twitter account has reached 30 new followers making the current account have 282 followers.

During the month, a total of 42 tweets have been published. These tweets interaction has been excellent. In this sense, the publications have been retweeted 128 times and marked as “likes” 148 times.

The top media tweet has been the one that refers to the presentation of Waste4think in the Basque Ecodesign Meeting which has earned 1,745 impressions. Along with this, the tweet about the summer Ecoparty in Seveso was very engaging for the users getting 50 engagements.

The conclusions are that followers and interactions on the website and social networks keep growing, especially on Twitter.