Learn what our Stakeholders think about Waste4Think

During the DemoDay we celebrated in Halandri on 13th of February 2018, we asked one of our stakeholders what she thinks about the Project and how it helps to improve the waste management practices.

The stakeholder interviews is Belén Mellado Hurtado, director of Zamudioko eskola, collaborator of the Waste4Think Project.

  1. Why do you think it is important to do projects like Waste4Think to improve the quality of life of the European population?

I believe that this projects such as Waste4Think are interesting for the population, especially for the European one because we are the ones that generate the most waste and we have become so used to plastics, paper,…to use everything and consumerism that somehow we have to start raising awareness of the entire population.

And especially me, as a teacher, I think of children from the lowest levels in the schools.

  1. How do you think the Waste4Think Project can contribute to the improvement of waste management and citizen participation?

I think that this Project can contribute from us, the teachers, in the centres with the children, educate them in this problem, especially in the issue of recycling.

But this Project has to contribute not only to recycling, but also to make us aware of not buying products that we will not use later or buy unnecessary things to later throw away and again reuse and recycle them.
So then, it can contribute especially in the education of children.

  1. Do you think that citizenship is aware that the management of urban waste is determinant for their quality of life and do you think that Waste4Think is a good practice to change their consumption habits?

I think that people are not aware of the fact of waste recycling; There are still people who do not recycle, well, rather than recycle, we citizens what we do is separate, recycling comes later. But I think that people are still not aware.

And we may be separating, but we are not aware of the non-use of some products.

So, I do think projects like these are very important, for people to begin to raise awareness and see that is useful for something recycling all waste.

  1. Do you think the Waste4Think Project can create synergies between different European territories and be an innovative process (such as transportation, waste collection system, PAYT system,…)?

I think that this Waste4Think Project can create synergies in different countries and yes, it can be replicated and it is also very important for transport, for people to become aware and well, a very clear example could be the one that recicles more, the one who pays less, which I think that people could become much better aware with.

So Ithink that it will create synergies between the different countries of Europe.

The video is available in our youtube channel