3 more Waste4Think videos released

In the framework of the demo day that was held on February 14th in Halandri (Greece), the pilots of the Waste4Think project have produced videos, available on the YouTube channel of the Project.

Zamudio: “Arimen Gaua: candle in hand, recycling on mind

The video presents the “Arimen Gaua” held in Zamudio last 31st of October. Just like the American “Halloween” from much earlier also in the towns of Euskal Herria, as in many places of Europe, there were similar celebrations around the eve of All Hallow´s Day. Zamudio recovered this tradition in a feast which also wanted to encourage recycling by inviting to participate with candles made from used domestic oil.


Video of the Seveso pilot

Testimonies from different people involved in the project explainning how thanks to the Waste4Think Project the municipality of Seveso has been able to introduce Pay as you Throw, ecoevents, washable nappies and widespread communication, reaching a 85% of separate collection.  This has caused citizens to be more committed in doing separate collection and more aware about respecting the environment.


Cascais:  Towards a Pay-As-You-Throw model

The video briefly and graphically explains the procedure that a citizen of Cascais has to follow to participate in the Waste4Think Project.