Quinta do Pisão hosted the M24 Project Meeting of this Waste4Think pilot city

The Fourth Consortium meeting of Waste4Think took place in Cascais (Portugal), one of the pilot cases of Waste4Think.

On 4 – 5th of June 2018, the Waste4Think community met in Cascais, Portugal to attend the 4th Project meeting, the municipality hosted in the Nature Park Quinta do Pisão, considered as a case study of the nature conservation and biodiversity.  The meeting started with a brief welcoming words, highlights and current status of the Project by the Project coordinator Ainhoa Alonso, from Deustotech. Next, the task leaders presented the status of the different results that are being tested in the prooject. Coinciding with the entry of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved by the European Parliament and the Council recently, the responsable of the Ethics issues in the Project explained to the rest of the partners how this New Regulation affect the Project. At the end of the first day, the pilot´s coordinators reviewed the progress made so far. The main conclusions were that in this second year of the project much progress has been made regarding the social aspects and involving the citizenship and that technically, the project is going in the right direction.

The second day was focused on parallel sessions taking advantage of the presence of all partners. Issues such as the organization of the international event in Italy scheduled for the end of this year or the Invoicing module were discussed among the partners involved in these tasks. In parallel, a workshop was held by the Project partner Serious Games, for a mock-up demo of the Eco-design game which are developing for the Project. In the afternoon, the pilot area was visited including the new ´smart´containers installed in Quinta dos Lombos and Quinta de S. Gonçalo neighborhoods, where the Portuguese pilot is taking place. As a novelty, the biowaste is being collected and they are equipped with users voluntary identification. Users, therefore, participate in the innovative system “Gain as you participate”.

After a fruitful meeting for the follow-up of the Project, the third day was reserved for the partner event `Prevention challenges in waste management´ celebrated in the framework of the European GreenWeek in the the facilities of DNA Cascais Agency. The objective was to share experiences with other European projects and to learn about opportunities for transparency in the communication of sustainability through information technologies. To end, a tematic workshop was held where the assisstants were put together in different groups to discuss and build creative solutions about communication and gamification, PAYT, Ecodesing and food waste.