The case of Halandri was presented in the 3rd International Exhibition ‘Verde Tec’

The Municipality of Halandri participated as an exhibitor in the 3rd International Exhibition for Environmental Technologies ‘Verde-Tec’ and it was visited by a great number of local government officials, scientists and citizens aware of environmental issues. The pioneering solutions that the municipality has adopted, and more specifically, the innovative approach of food waste management within the framework of the European Project Waste4Think (HORIZON 2020) attracted the interest of both exhibitors and visitors.

Moreover, the award ceremony for best environmental practices ‘GreekGreenAwards 2019’ was also held during the timeframe of ‘VerdeTec’. The efforts made by the Municipality, in direct collaboration with the citizens of Halandri, resulted in winning the award ‘Bio-waste Management with Energy Production’ for the ‘Sustainable Urban Solid Waste Management’ category.

At least thirty conferences and workshops were held throughout the exhibition. The Mayor of Halandri along with representatives of the Municipality and the National Technical University of Athens, presented the actions of the Solid Waste Management System of Halandri in different thematic units.

In particular, the Mayor of Halandri, Simos Roussos, spoke about Waste4Think and the importance of the role of Local Government in the actions of strengthening and promoting the cyclical economy. In addition, the Municipal Councilor for Recycling Professor of NTUA Gerasimos Lyberatos, who is responsible for the implementation of the Project in Halandri, was interviewed live in National TV network (ERT), ‘Pame Allios’ TV show, about the process of collecting and exploiting, through innovative approaches, organic food waste.

At the same time, representing the Municipality of Halandri, Dimitris Mathioudakis, PhD candidate of the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTUA, spoke about the integrated solid urban waste management system of the municipality, emphasizing the Waste4Think Bio-waste management system, through which the municipality aspires to be a real example of the cyclical economy.

Finally, during the workshop of the Hellenic Biogas Producers Association, Christos Lytras, also a PhD candidate of the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTUA and director of ENBIO delivered a speech on the innovative biogas production approach utilizing food waste.