The local council of Zamudio and local commerce launch a joint campaign against single use packagings

Reusable bags and packaging products will be delivered, so that they can be used at the greengrocer’s, the fish market and the butcher’s

The local council of Zamudio, in collaboration with local commerce, set a campaign on september 17th against the excessive use of single use packagings in everyday shoppings. Thus, the local council delivered to citizens a kit of bags and reusable packaging products to be used at the greengrocer’s, the fish market and the butcher’s. Besides, prizes will be given to those who use these reusable options when shopping in local commerce and fairs.

Kits are composed of 4 net bags to be used at the greengrocer’s, 1 blue packaging to be used at the fish market and 1 red packaging to be used at the butcher’s. These last two are big tuppers equipped with a strainer to separate liquids. Kits were  delivered at the local council, starting on September 17th.

The use of these packaging products in local commerce and fairs will grant coupons that can be used to get an isothermal bag for shoppings at the butcher’s and the fish market, and one reusable sandwich carrier (boc’nroll), adjustable, foldable and washable.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the generation of plastic waste, and of the value of each individual gesture to reach this goal.

Food packaging, drink cans and bottles, and plastic bags are, in fact, three of the 10 plastic products that are most frequently found in the sea and at the beaches in Europe. Reducing the production of plastic waste and rethinking Europe’s plastic industry, with a highlight in recycling, is a work involving many parts of the society and the economy.

With this campaign, the local council of Zamudio aims at engaging citizens, whose actions are key to stopping single use packaging and to drive reusable alternatives.