Waste4Think at the RETEMA Magazine

The journal RETEMA in its issue No. 208 July / August 2018, hosts an extensive report on the European Project Waste4Think , in particular, it focuses on the Halandri pilot (Greece) whose objective is the exploitation of biowaste sources aiming to maximize the recovery of raw materials and their conversion to gaseous biofuels (methane, hydrogen, Hithane), liquid biofuels (bioethanol), solids (pellets, alternative fuels for the cement industry), direct production of electricity and other interesting high-quality products (compost, adsorbents or base products for animal feed) . The article also presents the positive results after almost two years of implementation of the pilot and the idea of the municipality to design a full-scale implementation in a neighborhood.

The article is written in Spanish and can be full read at www.retema.es/revistas/julio-agosto