Waste4Think event on PAYT at the EU Green Week in Brussels

ARS ambiente and BCNecologia invite you to join the EU Green Week partner eventPAYT – Pay As You Throw Workshop. The workshop will take place on May 13th atACR+ event room Avenue d’Auderghem 63, Brussels.

Economic incentives play a key role for the sound implementation of the revised EU Waste Framework Directive. Pay As You Throw is an effective instrument and is becoming more and more popular, but…

  • What are the challenges to implement it properly?
  • How does it really affect citizens’ behavior and change of habits?
  • What is the new concept of Know As You Throw?

Experts from the Waste4Think will discuss about it with relevant stakeholders in this event hosted by ACR+ in its conference room.

The workshop can be followed interactively on ZOOM and on the YouTube Channel of Waste4Think. A link will be sent a few days before.

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Youtube live streaming: