Waste4Think has participated in the Green Week 2019 with a workshop about PAYT

In the framework of this year´s Green Week, Waste4Think held a workshop on 13 May organized by project partners ARS ambiente and BCNecologia, hosted by ACR+ at its headquarters in Brussels.

The workshop served to learn from the hand of different experts in the field, the implementation of PAYT system in Cascais, Seveso and Zamudio, three of the four pilot cities of the project, with a different model in each of them.  Moreover, the results achieved so far in the three pilots and new concepts related to citizens involvement and sensitization, including the new concept of Know As You Throw, were also presented.

Apart from the project partners, it was also remarkable the participation of Małgorzata Gołębiewska from the European Comission talking about economic incentives and PAYT in the Waste Framework Directive, Jean-Benoît Bel from ACR+ presenting a study on PAYT across Europe and Gemma Nohales from the Waste Agency of Catalonia presenting the new Catalan Waste Law as a landmark towards PAYT.

You can find all the presentations of the workshop here.

The workshop was broadcasted online and it is already available in the Waste4Think youtube channel: