Waste4think in the `Zientzia azoka´

The University of Deusto has participated one more year in the Zientzia Azkoa, the party of science, organized by Elhuyar, which took place on Saturday, May 11, in the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao. ESO and bachelor students from 30 schools, with a total of 90 works, presented the results of the scientific and technological projects in which they have worked throughout the year answering a question or challenge. In addition to them, students from Galicia, Catalonia and Portugal also participated, which in other science fairs have received as a prize to participate in the Zientzia Azoka.

These young people shared space with professional researchers from universities and technology centers who also made known their work in the ‘professional area’. In the case of the University of Deusto, the European Waste4Think project was presented, among others.