Waste4Think takes part in The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)

In the framework of the “European Week to reduce waste”, our Project pilots Seveso and Zamudio will analyze the reults of actions developed in the Project.

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) was launched as a 3-year project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission until July 2012 and it continues taking place in the following years.The aim is to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week. It encourages a wide range of audiences (public authorities, private companies, civil society as well as citizens themselves) to get involved.


  • Zamudio action:

`The best waste, the one that is not generated! Campaign to reduce single-use bags and packaging´

Location:  Zamudio (Spain)

Name of structure/entity: Ayuntamiento de Zamudio

Type of structure/entity: Administration/Public Authority

Website: www.zamudio.eus

Themes Covered: Strict avoidance and reduction at source, Reuse and preparing for reuse

Dates of the proposed action: 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 November 2018


The main objective of this campaign is to reduce the plastic packagings and bags that we use when shopping at groceries, butchers, fishmongers, etc. The result that is expected is that citizens use the reusable bags and containers that are distributed in this campaign (or their property) at the time of going to make the purchase to the different establishments. The municipality will provide each family with a kit that will consist of: 4 bags for fruits and vegetables, a reusable container (blue) for the fish, a reusable container (red) for the meat and an isothermal bag.

The campaign has the following phases:

1) The citizens of Zamudio must go to the City Councilto pick up the kit.

2) Citizens should start using both bags and reusable packaging.

Each time they use these bags and containers, they will be granted a bonus.

3) You need 9 bonuses to get the prize (4 green fruit and vegetable bonuses, 3 red meat bonuses, 2 blue fish bonuses).

4) Citizens must go to the town hall to collect the prize once the 9 bonuses have been obtained. The prize is an isothermal bag and a Boc’n’roll (a special wrapper for sandwiches that can be used again and again).

  •  Seveso action(s):

In The Seveso “Green Week”, from 17th to 25th November, the Seveso municipality organized a lot of events. Some of them regard specifically Waste4Think activities:

  1. Monday 19th h. 21.00 at Bosco delle Querce park, a meeting on Eco-events realized in the past summer seasons in order to report and discuss about main results
  2. Thursday 22nd h. 19.00 in Silvio Pellico Street, Legambiente will promote the show cooking event “Cooking without waste”
  3. Saturday 24th h. 9.30 at Bosco delle Querce park, during the award ceremony, the virtuous households of the W4T project will speak about their experience, giving precious tips on how to maximize the separate waste collection up to 99%.
  4. Afterwards, the Seveso walking group will guided an open tour between nature and memories in the Bosco delle Querce historical park.

More information here:



For details: Seveso Municipality Ecology Office. Tel. 0362517208 mail: ecologia@comune.seveso.mb.it

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