Tradition, at the forefront of the second edition of ‘Arimen Gaua’

Young people and adults took part in the costume contest and made their own costumes using waste materials, as recommended by organisers.

Tradition and commitment to environment sustainability were once again united in the celebration of Arimen Gaua, on October 31st. Children and adults who took part in the costume contest, as had been recommended by the organisers of the event, made their own costumes reusing waste materials. The best result was that obtained by San Antolineko Familia, who was awarded the 1st prize of the contest thanks to their costumbrist dressing.

Second place went to young Saray and her terrifying costume as ‘La niña del pozo’. Joana Lara is worth of a special mention, too. She was classified on the third place thanks to the originality of her idea, named ‘Udazken Arima’ (Soul of Autumn). Joana has a snail farm, and she used natural elements that she collected from this farming land.

As in the previous edition, a parade illuminated by ecological candles had been programmed, but it had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain that fell on All Saints’ Eve. Instead, a parade was improvised under the roof of the courtyard in Kultura Etxea, and it was filmed by Basque local television, ETB.

After prizes had been awarded, celebrations went on with a tasting of homemade desserts, cooked by Lagunandre and by students of the Cooking Course. Zamudio’s mycologist association, Zizegorri, distributed roasted chestnuts, and the local group ‘Kantarelux’ was in charge of music.