September 8, 2016



Background & Objectives

Seveso is starting from a very high baseline: 75% of municipal waste is separately collected. The first objective of the municipality is to introduce Pay as You Throw as an instrument to reward citizens for their good behaviour, capitalizing on the fact that the collection system is already door to door, with iBagsfor the residual waste fraction (intelligent bags with integrated RFID transponder) delivered to each family.

Other objectives are to put in place innovative actions that will allow to reduce waste and improve even more separate collection in different environments: washable dishware in summer eco-events, reusable nappies for families with newborns and kindergartens, citizen’s sensitization door to door with “courtyard training“, a contest with virtuous households reaching the highest recycling rate.

The overarching strategy is to engage different stakeholders, taking advantage of the collaboration of the environmental NGO Legambiente and of a good sense of citizenship.

This will allow to show how Seveso, after becoming famous 40 years ago because of the famous accident at the chemical plant ICMESA, has acquired a high environmental consciousness and is now one of the best practices in the world .


The implementation of the activities in Seveso will be carried out through the supervision of the Ecology Department of the Municipality. The first goal, to be achieved in the beginning of 2017, is the approval of the municipal regulation that allows the introduction of the Pay as You Throw scheme. In 2017 the invoicing software will be updatedby Softline, including innovative parameters to monitor the effectiveness of RFID readings, and will also act as a collection planning module to give hints to optimize the fleet.

A specific regulation for the management of summer eco-events will be also approved in the early beginning of Waste4Think, paving the way for a set of summer week-end open air parties that foresee something around 2-3.000 meals served without generating waste. This part will be coordinated by ARS ambiente, which will also take care of the organization and monitoring of the “virtual households” contest, aiming at deeply monitor the behaviour of selected families / buildings to see how they can get to the maximum recycling and prevention when given a reward.

The promotion of reusable nappies will be coordinated by Innova21 and will allow the avoidance of 1 ton of diapers for each newborn participating.

Legambiente, an environmental NGO operating at a national level, will act as a social mobilizer using some innovative means such as a small vehicle going in selected buildings and sensitizing citizens to do separate collection in a funny way.