September 8, 2016



Background & Objectives

Zamudio, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, is a municipality with around 3.200 inhabitants. It has a big enterprise ecosystem (7 industrial areas including the biggest scientific-technological park in the province), the industrial waste generation of which represents 68% of the total waste generated in the municipality.

In order to reduce waste generation and improve the reuse and recycling rate, the Municipality has set the objectives of a full monitoring of dustbins and lorries and a decision taking information system (short and long term planning), as well as the implementation of different economic instruments (PAYT and incentives).

The second activity is orientated towards the testing of the involvement of different citizens by using methodologies such as mutual learning experiences or citizen science. The aim is to involve all possible agents responsible for waste generation and to design waste-avoiding behavioural campaigns or to identify new business and governance models, which may turn a waste into an eco-innovative opportunity.

These objectives will contribute to reach a reduction in the primary generation of waste. All in all, it is necessary to improve the integral waste management services and to reduce their overall costs and GHG emissions.


The Zamudio pilot will implement different activities aimed at collective actions for organic waste collection, both in industries and restaurants, as well as activities that pursue the involvement of students and citizens by the use of Serious Games and Open Educational Resources (OER). Innovative awareness and prevention campaigns will also be carried out, and the focus will be placed on the reinforcement of consumers’ involvement through the use of the ICT tools (Apps).

Finally, Zero-Waste actions will take place in order to establish Zero waste ecosystems in Schools, industrial area and Town Hall.